QIF AUDIO was founded by a team with many years of experience from stereo, dedicated to modern large-scale theatrical show, outdoor performances, stadium sound, multi-purpose conference room, KTV bar technology. We have established a professional sound engineer, acoustics expert, audio engineers and maintenance engineers of the team to meet the special requirements of modern design, for customers to create the best acoustics, aesthetics.


奇峰音响    专业音响设备

Select a product from a professional point of view, QIF AUDIO products sold on quality, service and so have more stringent requirements, through professional selection, has been through a number of international certification, as is to provide our customers with the best products .
"Product is the carrier services, technology support services," we will "serve" as a core business, depending on the "technology" for enterprise development momentum
We have been focusing on the development of its own technology, by improving technology, providing customers with diversified and personalized professional and technical services.
Our belief: "responsibility, professionalism and excellence"
Responsibility: Business as individuals of society, he shoulders the responsibility of social services in the community; it is not just business "individual", he is a team to provide a platform for sustainable development of each member of the team, this is his corporate responsibility; customer is the foundation of existence of the business, providing customers with the best service is his fundamental responsibility. This is our interpretation of the responsibility of
Professional: "do do do, do do good things," the development of technology, so deep service, tree industry model, it is our corporate positioning.
Excellence: "superior technology, excellent service, excellent team," the pursuit of excellence is our development goals.

"Product is the carrier service," We offer our customers not only products, but more importantly is the service, "service" is the core of our business. Through many years of business experience, has developed a complete service system, from front-to-sales service background, there is a complete set of service processes and norms, we organized all staff are trained in the relevant business process specification and professional training to ensure that the services of the QIF audio is to provide customers with a pleasant and professional.
Professional technical background, according to the customer's habits and physical environment, to provide customers with the most suitable audio system solutions, customers avoid unnecessary expenditure. According to the customer's use of the environment, according to the acoustics and aesthetics of the design requirements of its customers to design the best equipment and the best placement of wiring methods, and provide detailed design drawings.
Construction Commissioning:
"3 of 5 equipment, 7 points debugging environment", with a wealth of experience in the construction system, according to our construction process standards, the use of advanced construction commissioning professional audio equipment and software, to provide customers with accurate system of construction and commissioning services to enable customers purchase of equipment to achieve the best performance.
Our technical services department has a wealth of experience in the maintenance of products, is the number of international brand manufacturers authorized repair center, providing customers with product warranty repair services within and outside the warranty.
Integrated Consulting:

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